Company profile

Company profile

Dongguan so-and-so decoration design engineering co., LTD., original in one specialized is engaged in the household, villas, exhibitions, stores, factories, offices, etc. 

The large adornment company of indoor and outdoor decoration engineering. Decorative adhering to the "what do you think it is what we do, what you do is what we want" enterprise business philosophy, for the overwhelming majority of owners to provide consulting, design, construction, maintenance, maintenance of one-stop comprehensive services brand. 

Adhering to the "art, space, communication... "Let art create their own personalized, high grade, and the living space of warmth and romance. Decoration for many years in the lijiang river house garden, telford gardens, sunshine bay park, Hong Kong garden street, golden chair hao garden, south China, JingHu garden provides a perfect brand service such as part owner. ? 2003 is installed

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